Standing Desk On The Cheap

Oristand Cardboard Standing Desk

We’ve written about inexpensive standing desks before, but this one may take the cake (being about the same cost, but even easier to set up than the FedEx shipping boxes hack we wrote about a while ago). The CEO of Hootsuite–the well-known social media management software–has devised a clever cardboard “standing desk” that is lightweight and easy to travel with. Called Oristand, it consists of a single piece of folded up cardboard, it can be placed upon any existing desk or table.

It has two steps–one for your laptop, and another lower one for your wireless keyboard and mouse (if you have them). This allows you to keep your head level, and when using wireless keyboard/mouse you keep your elbows at a 90 degree or more angle, which is generally considered ergonomically sound.

While it’s not customizable in any way, it is a great option for those who aren’t 100% sold on the concept yet, or those that just want a cheap, easy alternative to the $500+ “proper” standing desks that we usually see.

To learn more or to purchase the Oristand desk head over to their web site here.

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