My name is Scott and I’m an IT Professional. I own my own company and frequently work at home or on the road, usually sitting down at a table or desk while I’m using my laptop.

It seems like no matter how fancy or expensive my chair and desk setup is, I tend to hunch over my keyboard (when at work) or slouch in the chair (when reading or resting). This is most definitely not good for one’s back, and I’ve noticed some definite changes to mine over the past few years of sitting for upwards of 12-14 hours a day in front of the computer. Most notable, my back aches–being tall (I’m almost 6’3″–189cm) most likely exacerbates the problem. I’m only in my late 20’s, so this is definitely unsettling.

Well, I researched and purchased a standing desk last year and have been using it on average about half of each work day (that I’m working from my home office). I’ve noticed that my back doesn’t ache as much when I’m standing or walking, and that I am much more productive than I ever was sitting.

Does any of my story sound familiar? Well, you might just benefit from using a standing desk, at least part of the time.

This is a relatively new topic of interest, despite the fact that many notable figures throughout history have worked standing up. It seems to pop up in the news every once in a while, but has been gaining steam as of late as more and more converts ditch their chair. I noticed however that apart from a few articles scattered throughout the Internet that there wasn’t any one-stop place to go and research the option.

Because of this, I’ll be doing my best to use this site to stay on top of the latest news and product offerings to assist you in your decision to work standing, and also in the process of adapting to a working-while-standing lifestyle.

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