MooreCo Adjustable Height Workstations

MooreCo (formerly known as Best-Rite and Balt) is a Texas based company that has specialized in making educational workplace furniture and equipment since 1985. All of their products are manufactured in their Temple, Texas facility, and most are GREENGUARD certified as being free of indoor chemical pollutants.

MooreCo makes a variety of adjustable height workstations, desks, and movable carts. These include the Alekto Workstation (27 1/2″ to 52 1/2″ adjustable height movable desk, $515), the Beta Sit-Stand Workstation (a lean, customizable, dual-monitor, movable workstation, $TBA), the Ergo E.Eazy Workstation (a stationary 29″ to 39″ adjustable height desk with customizable keyboard and tower trays, $683 [pictured] ), and the Hi-Hi-Lo Workstation (a lean 31 1/4″ to 39 1/4″ adjustable height, movable workstation, $485).

There is however a form on the site to request quotes on individual products, and Google searches brought up other purchase routes that were available. Modern Furniture Warehouse seems to sell most of the models online at competitive prices–probably your best bet.

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