Conset Electric Sit Stand Workstation

ConSet, a company in Denmark, makes a variety of electric motor-powered sit/stand desks for home and office use. They have the advantage of being the manufacturer of both parts of the desk–the frame and the tabletop–thus ensuring a great fit and build quality for both.

These desks can be compared to the much-publicized GeekDesk, but at a slightly lower price point. There are however some differences which may make this model a better fit for some. The ConSet version of the desk has a higher range of adjustable height (56cm-122cm vs GeekDesk’s 66cm-118cm). The surface area of the standard table is the same on each, but the ConSet version can be constructed with custom finished wood, or a custom-sized/shaped table top. The price is also about $60 lower on the ConSet version.

Online retailer Jaymil offers the entire set of these electric sit-to-stand desks, as well as other lines and styles, on their web site at (the model above can be seen here–other options can be seen here).

ConSet also manufactures a variety of well-made frame-only standing desks, so that you can choose the type and size of tabletop you would prefer. You can view a full list of offerings and retailers on their site.

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