Standing Desk Training Wheels

So, like some of you, I spent a decent amount of time researching standing desks, and the pros and cons of standing while working versus sitting and working. I even interviewed a couple of friends that had plunked down a decent amount of money for ‘treadputer’ desks–motorized height-adjustable desks with a treadmill standing area so that you can slowly walk while you’re working on your PC. Being able to walk an average of six miles a day while working definitely had its appeal…

Even though I had pretty much decided that I wanted to go ahead and try standing desks out, I couldn’t justify nor afford the large amount of money it would costs for what might possibly end up being a failed test. What if it didn’t work for me? Then I’d be out hundreds and hundreds of dollars (I figured that an motorized adjustable-height standing desk would run around $750-800 or so with shipping–up to double that if you combined it with a decent treadmill). I also didn’t have the space at the time to accommodate a giant desk in my apartment.

So, in order to test my well-researched plan out I decided to go for something a bit less committal, that way I could test it out and if it didn’t work I wouldn’t end up losing a pile of cash. I did quite a bit of research and ended up buying a laptop podium stand, which has the added benefit of still being usable should I decide to upgrade to a real standing desk at a later time or even forgo the idea altogether.

The laptop stand I decided on was the Quiklok LPH-003. I ended up using it for a few months, getting the hang of things for a while until I decided to step up to the next level. Of course, it had its pros and cons, which I’ll write about in detail in the next post.

Be sure and let me know if you’ve had any success with other laptop stands or alternate means to ‘try before you buy’ (I know that you can just prop up a desk with phone books, but I was looking for a little bit more elegant temporary solution).

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