More IKEA Hacking Fun

IMG_0286Doug and Paul are roommates living in San Diego that have come up with a hack for a store-available IKEA adjustable desk. On they detail how to go about purchasing the required materials from your local IKEA store, which you can combine along with their “hack” (basically an extended version of what IKEA already gives you), which you can purchase off of their site for $79 + shipping. This allows for more vertical lift between the two risers and the work surface, allowing a range between 39.25 inches (99.70cm) to 48 inches (121.92cm) from the floor.

It seems a bit expensive for four wooden pieces, but unless you have access to a wood-working shop and some experience in the field you won’t find a better deal. At a cost of $180 or so all-in, it’s still one of the least costly standing desk solutions that doesn’t involve taping together USPS boxes or using an old door as a work surface.

Know of any other cool standing desk hacks using a combination of store-bought supplies with a bit of ingenuity? Let me know.

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