Computerized Standing Desk

Don’t you just hate how you have to manually (either through a lever or button) adjust the level of your height-adjustable standing desk? Well, that will soon be a thing of the past thanks to the Stir Kinetic Desk!

The Stir Desk has an embedded touch-sensitive control panel and IR sensors that know when you stand, and take appropriate action–raising to meet you. “Manually” switching the height is as easy as tapping on the control panel (embedded into the corner of the desk), and appears to be a very quick procedure (see video to the right). There’s even a feature where you can set the table to vibrate after a set period of time to remind you to stand up a bit after sitting too long! Amazing.

Be prepared to shell out a pretty penny though–the desk starts at $3,890, and can run quite a bit higher depending on selected options. The desk is not yet available for purchase, but you can be one of the first to know when it goes on sale if you sign up to Stir’s mailing list through their web site.

Definitely the smartest standing desk I’ve ever seen.

UPDATE: Wired Magazine recently profiled the desk on their website–check it out here.

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