One Year Later: A Standing Desk Review

I know that I have been gradually slipping when it comes to using my standing desk setup on a regular basis. I’m assuming that happens to everyone, but I’m doing my best to actively realize this fact and get back on track to standing at least half of the day.

I think that the toughest thing for me is that I currently have two PC’s set up–a “sitting” desktop, and a “standing” laptop–instead of one sit/stand desk solution. Of course, when I’m a my desk, most of the work is on my “sitting” desktop, as it is faster, has a bigger screen, and usually has the most up-to-date files stored on it. Once I sit down, I usually stay sitting down–it’s too much of a pain to sit. And that’s how I spend most of the work day. Of course, it doesn’t help that I need to travel all of the time, where I don’t have the option to stand most of the time.

Well, here’s the story of another person who has tried the standing desk lifestyle. She’s had a bit more success at it than myself. She details his daily routine, along with the downsides and upsides of working at a standing desk.

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