Flexispot Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Review

Flexispot Sit-Stand Desktop WorkstationBetween a traditional adjustable standing desk and something more portable, like the Roost laptop stand, or the previously reviewed  Loctek SL1 Sit-Stand Laptop Arm, is this: the Flexispot Sit-Stand Riser Workstation.

Whether you don’t want to spend $500-$1,500+ on a full standing desk setup, don’t want to/can’t get rid of your current table, need something a bit more portable, or just need something to use part-time, this is the standing desk alternative for you.

All you need to do (beyond some simple initial assembly) is to put it on top of a table (30in depth minimum), set up your laptop and/or monitors on top of it. then you’re ready to go!

Turn any desk into a standing desk–simply.

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Pono Ola Pono Board Review

Pono BoardToday I’m reviewing the Pono Ola balance board, which can serve as a useful accessory alongside a standing desk.

Marketed primarily as a core-strengthening tool, for use with yoga or other exercise activities, the Pono Ola can also be used as either something to stand on while working at your standing desk (in place of a standing mat), or as a way to loosen up your lower body after standing for extended periods of time (this is what I ended up doing–see below).

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Standing Desks on ProductHunt.com

Standing Desks on ProductHunt
I just came across a listing of innovative standing desk products on ProductHunt.com that may be of interest to some readers. While some of the products featured have been covered here on StandingDeskReviews.com, there are many more that haven’t been (yet).

Of particular note are the all-cardboard, $30 Oridesk, and on the other end of the spectrum we have the luxury, tech-enabled Stir desk (ringing in at a cool $3,000).

There are also many user reviews on some of the more popular desks, which may be of use to those that are trying to decide on one standing desk or another.

Check it out by heading on over to ProductHunt’s Standing Desks for Everyone.

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Loctek S1L Sit-Stand Laptop Workstation Review

Loctek S1L - Grommet InstallationDesktops are becoming more and more scarce nowadays, as more people choose to carry around their laptops wherever they go. Even those with a fixed office or desk somewhere would rather rely on one single computer instead of dealing with the hassle of keeping a desktop and a laptop synced together all the time. And, with the speed and portability upgrades to laptops over the past few years, it’s no wonder why this is the case.

If you’re lucky enough to have your own private desk at home or work, and buy an external monitor, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, there is the option to have an ergonomic workspace without breaking the bank. There are multiple companies making products of various designs and capabilities that fulfill the task of basically raising your monitor (and often keyboard/mouse) up off of your main desk surface, one of them being Loctek.

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Standing Desk On The Cheap

Oristand Cardboard Standing Desk

We’ve written about inexpensive standing desks before, but this one may take the cake (being about the same cost, but even easier to set up than the FedEx shipping boxes hack we wrote about a while ago). The CEO of Hootsuite–the well-known social media management software–has devised a clever cardboard “standing desk” that is lightweight and easy to travel with. Called Oristand, it consists of a single piece of folded up cardboard, it can be placed upon any existing desk or table.

It has two steps–one for your laptop, and another lower one for your wireless keyboard and mouse (if you have them). This allows you to keep your head level, and when using wireless keyboard/mouse you keep your elbows at a 90 degree or more angle, which is generally considered ergonomically sound.

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Fully Jarvis Standing Desk Review

Ergo Depot Jarvis Standing Desk with Monitor SetupNext on the review list is the highly-rated Fully (formerly known as Ergo Depot) Jarvis Standing Desk. Fully is a long-time manufacturer and dealer of ergonomically fit desks, chairs, and accessories to corporations and end-users alike. The Jarvis is Fully‘s most highly-reviewed desk, and is manufactured directly by Fully (they created their own line in 2010).

This is a heavy duty, well-constructed desk. One look at the reviews–either on the Fully web site or on Amazon.com will assure you of that. Heavy-duty life capacity, a bevy of options and surfaces to choose from, reasonable price point, unmatched seven-year warranty, and fast, silent adjustment combine to make this desks one of the best on the market right now.

The Jarvis desk isn’t for everyone though, so be sure to read to whole review before committing your hard-earned dollars.

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Ergotron Workfit-D Standing Desk Review

Ergotron Workfit-D Standing DeskToday we’re doing an overview of the Ergotron Workfit-D Sit-Stand Desk, manufactured by Ergotron, an American company that has been manufacturing ergonomically-designed office furniture and accessories for twenty years.

Available since 2012 via Amazon, directly through Ergotron, or through one of their partner resellers throughout the world, the Workfit-D desk has gained overwhelmingly positive reviews over the past few years. With a base price of $690-750, it is aimed squarely at the mid-market standing desk buyer.

Unlike many competitors, Ergotron uses a patented CF (Constant Force) system–basically a pressurized pneumatic lift–to allow vertical movement on the desk without the use of a motor. This allows for silent, power-free usage of the desk, which may be important for certain customers. However, the maximum weight that the table can support is around 65lbs (29kg), which is lower than many motorized alternatives (although this shouldn’t be a huge issue for most, seeing as a 24″ monitor weighs between 10-18lbs).

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A School Full Of Standing Desks

Stand-up Kids DeskThe best way to learn good habits is to start young. With all of the evidence that has come to light as of late regarding how bad sitting is for your body, why is it that we don’t give children stand-up desks throughout primary school? When you try and migrate to a standing desk in your 20’s, 30’s, or later, the change can be quite tough, but imagine if it was the norm from the age of six or so!

That’s exactly what entrepreneur and investor Tim Ferriss is pushing towards. For his 38th birthday he is aiming to raise money to support the outfitting of an entire elementary school with only standing desks. Working with the StandupKids organization, his goal is to raise at least $100,000 through donations from readers of his popular Four Hour Work Week blog. This will allow Vallecito Elementary School Ms. Grey to buy a standing desk for each one of the 350 students enrolled there.

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Stop Your Chair from Killing You

There have been numerous studies done on the effect of sitting all day, and all of them come to the conclusion that it is very bad for our bodies. In the beginning it was assumed that if you mixed in some exercise, it would negate the effects of sitting, but then there was a study that reported it had little effect overall. Now another study comes along and says that negative effects can be offset with as little as ten minutes of walking every day. Or, is it possible to just fidget our way out of the inevitable repercussions?

So, what to believe?

To assist the rest of us, Lynne Shallcross, of NPR, has written an article debunking some of the reports of recent years. Spoiler: don’t sit too much, and the answer is up to the individual.

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Exercise Won’t Save You?

So what if you site all day? You exercise multiple times every week, aren’t overweight, eat healthy–that should counteract it, right?

Not so, says a recent report by the The Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Based on their research, “prolonged TV viewing and time spent in other sedentary pursuits is associated with increased risks of certain types of cancer.” And yes, this includes sitting at your desk.

Adjustment for physical activity did not affect the positive association between sedentary behavior and cancer,” the authors write. Even participants who achieved the daily recommended levels of physical activity were at the same risk as those who spent their day sitting. “[The results] indicate that the increased risk of cancer seen in individuals with prolonged time spent sedentary is not explained by the mere absence of physical activity in those persons,” the researchers say.

Besides the usual weight gain issues, the researchers pointed the finger at the fact that such behavior causes “harmful biological signaling.” In short, sitting all the time causes your body to change its chemistry.

“A few hours of sitting suppresses a gene that helps keep your cardiovascular system healthy by controlling inflammation and blood clotting.”

Not good.

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